Amazon Friday Favorites #1

If you haven’t checked out my YouTube channel, I do a new Amazon Friday Favorites video each Friday! I buy SO much of my stuff from Amazon (who doesn’t?) so I thought why not share some of the goodies I’ve found? 🙂



Full Shine Tape In Hair Extensions

I’m a hair extensions SNOB! I’ve tried sooo many different brands and types of extensions. So, for the first item I wanted to share with you guys are these Full Shine hair extensions from Amazon. I bought the 22″ tape ins in. They have so many different colors and lengths ranging from 12″-24″, so lots of variety! The price is only $65 for the 22″ and it comes with 20 pieces which is a really good deal for good quality hair. They toned really nicely and stayed in good shape after toning and washing. No tapes fell out after washing so the tape is strong, which is nice because you obviously don’t want to have to reapply your hair after every wash LOL I highly recommend these extensions if your just starting out with extensions or you just don’t want to pay a crap ton on high quality hair! 🙂

Here’s the link.

DIY Countertop Kit

The secound item I wanted to share with guys is a fun DIY countertop project. I had ugly white tile on my kitchen countertops. I could NOT stand them because 1. They got dirty so fast & 2. They were just plain ugly and outdated. I looked online how to update my countertops on a budget and this product popped up! I ordered it off Amazon and tried it out. I got the color “Bombay Black.” The kit comes with everything you need. Primer, 3 different paint colors, sealer, a sponge and a paint roller. Basically all you do is clear everything off and clean your counters. Then you prime. After the primer is dry (I did 2 coats) you use the sponge to dab each color onto the countertops making a marble looking effect. After you do that to the entire space, you seal it and BAM that’s it! It’s so easy literally anybody could do it and you don’t have to pay a fortune to update your countertops. Give it a try and make sure to tag me on Instagram @courtneyreitz if you do!

Here’s the link.


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